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Step into the high life with our exclusive Bottle Services at the Dream Gentlemen’s Club. We have curated a selection of high-end liquors to elevate your experience.

Bottle Special

Only Valid Until 1 AM

dream gentlemens club Bottle Special #1

Bottle Special #1

Indulge in a combo of luxury and passion with two bottles of MOËT & CHANDON, complemented by a bottle of exquisite Tequila Clase Azul. Dive into an evening of decadence for just $1300.

dream gentlemens club Bottle Special #2

Bottle Special #2

Spark joy with a bundle of two premium bottles of MOËT & CHANDON and one bottle of the classic Don Julio. This sophisticated ensemble is yours for $1300.

dream gentlemens club Bottle Special #3

Bottle Special #3

Unleash Mexico's spirit with our special offer: get two artisanal Tequila Clase Azul bottles—a taste of tradition and modernity combined for $1300.

dream gentlemens club Bottle Special #4

Bottle Special #4

Indulge in the smooth character of Don Julio with our special package of two bottles. The richness of this premium tequila is all yours for $1300.

Experience the charm of the Dream Gentlemen’s Club through our exclusive Bottle Services. Savor the night in style and toast to unforgettable memories.

Let the champagne and tequila flow, immersing you in the exclusive vibes of Queens, NY.


Bottle service includes a reserved area or table for your party, your choice of the bottle(s) from our specials, mixers of your preference (excluding energy drinks and bottled water), and personal attention from our staff to ensure your drinks are prepared to your liking.

The cost of bottle service depends on the special chosen. Our current specials are priced at $1300.

The minimum for bottle service depends on the package. Each of our current bottle specials includes at least two bottles.

While only sometimes necessary, we highly recommend reserving your bottle service in advance, especially for peak times and special events to ensure availability.

Our bottle service specials include premium brands such as Moët & Chandon champagne, Clase Azul tequila, Don Julio tequila, and more.

Our bottle specials are pre-set with specific brands. If you have a preferred brand not included in the specials, please get in touch with us directly to discuss options.

The number of people that can be accommodated with bottle service depends on the number of bottles purchased and the venue’s capacity.

Please contact us directly for more detailed information.

Yes, additional mixers can be ordered separately. However, please note that some mixers may incur additional charges.

Absolutely, additional bottles can be purchased during your visit. Please inform your server; they will assist you with the selection and purchase.

As per New York State law, you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase or consume alcohol. ID verification will be required.

Our bottle service prices do not include gratuity. It is customary to tip your server, and we recommend a standard gratuity of 18-20%.

While we do not have a strict dress code, we encourage our patrons to dress smartly, reflecting the upscale atmosphere of our club.

No, outside bottles or beverages are not allowed in the venue due to licensing and liability regulations.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for unfinished bottles. However, we do encourage you to drink responsibly.

We offer a variety of mixers, including sodas, juices, and tonic water. Please note some premium mixers might incur an additional cost.

Yes, we do offer private areas for bottle service, subject to availability and prior reservation.

Cancellation policies may vary. Please contact us directly for detailed information regarding the cancellation of bottle service reservations.

Bottle service transfers depend on our booking and cancellation policies. We recommend contacting the club directly for accurate information.

We accept all major credit cards and cash for bottle service. Please contact us directly if you have specific payment-related questions.

Other than the cost of the bottles, taxes, and any potential gratuity, there are no additional fees for the bottle service itself.

However, specific requests or premium mixers might incur extra charges. Please contact us for more details.

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